Chai Govindam | सपनों को जगाए रखे
Chai Govindam Pattern
उम्मीदों को महकाए रखे

Chai Govindam in Raipur

उम्मीदों को महकाए रखे,
चाय.. जो सपनों को जगाए रखे....

Chai is something, that brings a small but powerful moment of Smile, Happiness, Narration, Motivation, Togetherness, Love & Joy.

For those joyful moments, Order Khushiyaaannnnn....... 😀 on.

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Spreading Smiles with a cup of Chai!

With a belief to spread happiness and connect people from different dimensions together, Chai Govindam is a place you will find nowhere else. “ Yaha sirf Chai nahi, khushiyan bhi hain” (Aur haan, snacks bhi😋)

Because, that’s the way we love it.
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Made with RO Water

Made with RO Water

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Premium Quality

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